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"Dear brother,
God has brought you to India specially for me because God has used you to revive my ministry - I was not satisfied in my crusades because I did not see great results or miracles which I wanted to see. When I saw how God used you, my heart was burdened to have the same ministry. When I saw the same miracles that were done in your meetings my faith increased like a mountain. I am seeing miracles and healings almost in every service. This is what I was looking for all my life."
P.S. Rajamoni, India Director, Decade of Harvest, Assemblies of God

"The Conference was more than a series of intense teaching sessions - it was literally an impartation like unto the time when the elders sent out Paul and Barnabas and when Paul laid hands on young Timothy. Ever since the Crusade and Leadership Conference, I have not been the same! The masses come to Jesus in one meeting…or rebuking a deaf and dumb spirit in a child and watching the expressions on her face as she begins to hear and to talk and the first words she is taught to say are 'Jesus' and 'Mama' and 'Papa.' All I can say is it's just like Jesus and to Him be all the glory."
Steve Evans, African Missionary, Assemblies of God

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